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[Info] Introduction

Welcome to the mail service provided by the Team. The mail service runs on a modified Cyrus IMAP, Sendmail, OpenLDAP, modified Squirrelmail (Stable Branch) and Cyrusmaster Cyrus Administration Tool.

[Help] Getting Help

Before anything else, please check the available documentation.

If you have any suggestions, comments or questions about the mail service, please post a message to the Demo.Support Public folder (address: Note that your message will be visible to all users.

If you have any bug reports or requests to our software (Cyrus patches, Squirrelmail plugins etc.), please post a message to the email Public folder (address:

[Folder] Root Folder

If you would like to get your own Cyrus root folder to make some tests on, please login to the Cyrusmaster Administration Tool. For more information, please select "Create Root Folder" from the Webmail's top links.

Build version: 2.0.145-uoa